The Cape Town Multi Service Centre (CTMSC) began in 2004 as a project providing services to street children through an organisation called Cape Town City Mission. It was decided a few years later, by its committed founder, that CTMSC should begin running independently. On the 1st February 2007, CTMSC was registered as an NPO.

We believe that every child should feel safe, feel loved, be in school and be able to play.

CTMSC first began as a shelter for youth on the streets. It was clear that many of the children living or begging on the streets came from a number of the same areas. These are communities that are rife with gang violence and most of the families live in poor living conditions. Through discovering the risks to children in these areas, programmes were first established at a primary school in the area of Clarke Estate. Field workers were employed through empowering people from within the community and they worked alongside the social worker. Later, we started similar programmes in schools in other areas. These programmes were aimed at working with children at risk of ending up on the street. This was the birth of what is now our prevention and early intervention programme.

In order to provide better and more effective services to the vulnerable children CTMSC was serving at the centre, it was also registered with the Western Cape Department of Social Development as a Child and Youth Care Centre (CYCC) in 2010. The centre is now able to accommodate up to 35 boys between the ages of 10-18 years old.

To help each person to live to their full potential with dignity and be fully equipped with the skills required for healthy living.

To make services accessible to vulnerable children and families in order that they may participate in their own development and become self-reliant.